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Yard Tuesdays: Street Heaven is Just a Climb Away

Journal Entry: Mon May 2, 2016, 11:28 PM
Already the old masters loved the patterns, the lines, the vertical depth created by stairs and ladders.
They are there for the joy of visually needy streeties all over the world!  :-)
Shoot upwards from the bottom of the stairs, climb them and shoot from the top or whatever way you can think of!

Henri Cartier Bresson Bicycle by niklin1

Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1932.

Erwitt Bulldog by niklin1

Eliott Erwitt, 2000.


Here are some of my dA favorites in the art of stairs-and-ladder street photography. Mixed up with some of my own shots.

:: S and M by noahsamuelmosko

Untitled by michaelaresphoto

love by arslanalp

Galata Girl by niklin1
Curves by JonnyGoodboy
Glitter monsoon by jadedPhotographer

Yet another stripes picture by djailledie
Afghan Radio by MARX77zzzzz2 by Elerko

Let It Snow... by O-range   Purple People Eaters (JG181) by jesseboy000

Eberswalder Strasse color by Batsceba

Urban bites by Blakk-mamba   Lucifer 2.0 by DRIVINGYOU

guide by arslanalp

Running, 2011 by AlbertoCuccodoro

Bcy by sogni-di-margherita

nun by iapostolovski

Stairs by niklin1   Upstairs Downstairs by niklin1

Career Ladder by IrynaFedorovska

stairs by toothlessnightfury96  
Clean Up by TheTruthMaster

Gypsy by niklin1

RollinGhosts by ZephyraMilie

Stop Action. Make Love. by kingmouf

Goodbye My Love by ZiaulKareem

Instant 94 by SUDOR

Half and Half by Jinnger

Ludwigstrasse by batmantoo

Istanbul Street Portrait #3 by niklin1

Capitolio Rascals by Seiglie   Lone Symmetry by sogni-di-margherita

The Sentinels by DougNZ

on watch by arslanalp   On the Stairs by niklin1

Cleaning II by pigarot

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Yard Tuesday: The A to Z of Street Photography

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 29, 2016, 12:55 AM
For those of you who didn't already know, that's Alphan to Ziaul with me, Niklas, somewhere in between!  :-)

We met on the 5th of March at Ziaul's hotel in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul , Alphan's home city. I wrote a 'Live' blog post the day after as a quick summary.

After a little chat we took off west towards my hotel, which is located across the tram tracks from the Grand Bazaar, to the south.
Here are some quick snaps of the guys walkin' and shootin':

SAM 7998 fs by niklin1   SAM 8020 fs by niklin1  

SAM 8068 fs by niklin1   SAM 8131 fs by niklin1

Here are a few of my street shots from this first part:

SAM 8034 fs by niklin1    SAM 8076 fs by niklin1    SAM 8127 fs by niklin1

And here's one from Zia:

Dsc00642 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb2ho by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Alphan seems to have found something yellow here:

SAM 8042 fs by niklin1

This is what he got:

Dscf7404p2000 By Arslanalp-d9wk015 by niklin1

When we came back up the alley from my hotel, we met this guy who works at the restaurant at the top of the alley.
He talks to me every time I walk by, trying to get me to eat there.
Now, he wanted me to take his portrait, with a pose he had probably practiced.  :-)

Here's Zia's version of events:

Dsc00639 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1ad by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

And here's how the portrait turned out:

SAM 8097 fs by niklin1

Next stop was just a block or two away. It was to revisit a shop owner who I had photographed on my visit to Istanbul last year.
And to give him some prints of the photos I sot then. You can read the whole story about this in my blog .
When we were in the shop, Alphan was busy translating for me. But Zia had some time to be creative!

Carry-on by ZiaulKareem
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Zia liked the scene so much he caught a more clear version too:

Carry-on II by ZiaulKareem
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Here are some more street shots from this area:

SAM 8135 fs by niklin1     SAM 8175 fs-2 by niklin1

The Juice Maker by niklin1

Dsc00656 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb2df by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Not quite sure what to do next, we decided to go to the roman aqueduct and the butcher's district close to it.
To get there we walked through the University area. There were some criss-crossing involved and some using of Alphan's phone GPS.
But that only made for more interesting street photography scenery to explore!  :-)

SAM 8346 fs by niklin1    SAM 8362 fs by niklin1

Metro Dog by niklin1

Should you let sleeping dogs lie? Yes! Should you take pictures of them? Yes again!

Kept the guys waiting while working this scene. And below is what I managed.

SAM 8430 fs by niklin1
Take a closer look. I think I can count seven people talking on their mobiles!

SAM 8399 fs by niklin1       A Man and Two Cats by niklin1

SAM 8448 fs by niklin1
Visiting the mosques you pass, while streeting in Istanbul is a must! There was a service going on, so we didn't go inside this time.

SAM 8457 fs by niklin1
Alphan's found something to pique his interest here!

And here's the resulting photo:

Dscf7432cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9w5cmh by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Dsc00694 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb29q by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Same scene, Alphan's version:

Dscf7435cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlfq by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Arriving at the butchers' district, people were having their lunches in the park. We had some lunch too, but not after some snapshots:

Dsc00697 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb25c by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

SAM 8490 fs by niklin1

Dsc00703 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb218 by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

As a footnote, I'll tell you that the shot above, was taken in the exact same spot where I shot this one last year:     Upstairs Downstairs by niklin1

Going down the hill from the butchers' district:

Untitled By Ziaulkareem-d9wf5zx by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Here's my version with the reaction on Zia's shot, maybe a second later:

SAM 8557 fs by niklin1

We noticed that the sun was starting to come out a little after a grey beginning to the day. Here's Alphan doing his thing:

SAM 8561 fs by niklin1

This is the result:

Dscf7447cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9w5ckz by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

The guys liked the light here and maybe found some lines they wanted to explore.

SAM 8618 fs by niklin1    SAM 8582 fs by niklin1

I just turned 180 degrees and tried to make something with this Turkish 'pyramid' we had just walked down.

SAM 8605 fs by niklin1

We entered into an area of small streets and alleys where I found the proprietor of a sweet shop:

SAM 8809 fs by niklin1

Alphan found a man and a lorry:

Dscf7924p2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlgk by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

And Zia found the same man and lorry:

Dsc00708 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1wy by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Here Alphan found this shot outside a different sweet shop:

Dscf7510cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9w5ci4 by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

After Alphan shot the above photo, the man struck up a conversation with him and proceeded to tell him the story of his life.

SAM 8863 fs by niklin1

SAM 8680 fs by niklin1    SAM 8741 fs by niklin1    SAM 8688 fs by niklin1

SAM 8754 fs by niklin1    SAM 8811 fs by niklin1    SAM 8814 fs by niklin1

A lorry with bones from the butcher shops came through the street and Zia was ready:

Dsc00745 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1sv by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

I wasn't as alert right away, but it got stuck in a traffic jam a little later and I managed this one:

Life and Death by niklin1

Here I saw Zia playing with a mirror and documented:

SAM 8756 fs by niklin1

Here's what Zia saw:

Dsc00751 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1ov by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

SAM 8706 fs by niklin1   SAM 8833 fs by niklin1

We came out of the first batch of alleys and the sun was shining full blast towards an almost black sky. What a treat for a streetie!

Dscf7525cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9w5cjz by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

SAM 8915 fs by niklin1

SAM 8932 fs by niklin1

SAM 8903 fs by niklin1   SAM 8983 fs by niklin1   SAM 8954 fs by niklin1

This was an area with shops for kitchenware and Zia wanted to find a little Turkish coffeepot.
Alphan was helping him, but I was shooting away among the pots and pans:

SAM 9004 fs by niklin1

Alphan found a similar shot standing a few meters to my right!  :-)

Dscf7536cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9w5ch7 by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Now closer to the Spice Market going back into the alleys was crowded up to the point of claustrophobia!

Dsc00801 3 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1l3 by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

SAM 9120 fs by niklin1   SAM 9113 fs by niklin1

Dscf7587cp20001 By Arslanalp-d9wwle2 by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Finally out from the alleys without being crushed having a few breaths in front of Yeni Cami:

SAM 9181 fs by niklin1

Just a minute and Mr A is ready to go again:

SAM 9198 fs by niklin1

And the result:

Dscf7606cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9w5cj0 by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

SAM 9219 fs by niklin1

We walked the underpass and used up the last rays of the day in front of the ferries at Eminönu.

IPhone Clones by niklin1

Dscf7691cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwld6 by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Dscf7795cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwljt by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

SAM 9312 fs by niklin1   SAM 9445 fs by niklin1   SAM 0135 fs by niklin1

Dscf7837cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwliu by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

All three of us circled this young woman with the sky blue shawl. Here's Zia caught in the act:

SAM 9285 fs by niklin1

And here's Zia's shot, when he had circled her a bit more:

Sky Blue by ZiaulKareem

And here's Alphan's version:

Dscf7656cp1 By Arslanalp-d9wm9me by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

SAM 9879 fs by niklin1   SAM 9307 fs by niklin1   SAM 9370 fs by niklin1

SAM 9539 fs by niklin1   SAM 9566 fs by niklin1   SAM 9935 fs by niklin1

SAM 9335 fs by niklin1

SAM 9925 fs by niklin1   SAM 9958 fs by niklin1   SAM 9877 fs by niklin1

Dscf7718cp12000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlbz by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Alphan in action again:

SAM 9764 fs by niklin1

And here's the result:

Dscf7789cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlkf by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Dsc00822 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1ho by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

Dscf7907cp By Arslanalp-d9wm9gv by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Alphan in THE tunnel:

SAM 0169 fs by niklin1

What he saw:

Dscf7868cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlhy by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

SAM 0220 fs by niklin1

SAM 0035 fs by niklin1

Dscf7870cp2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlh0 by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

SAM 0069 fs by niklin1   SAM 9971 fs by niklin1   SAM 9778 fs by niklin1

Dscf7769p2000 By Arslanalp-d9wwlag by niklin1
Photo: Alphan Yilmazmaden

Dsc00879 2 By Ziaulkareem-d9wb1ds by niklin1
Photo: Ziaul Kareem

SAM 9325 fs by niklin1

SAM 0265 fs by niklin1

SAM 0431 fs by niklin1

SAM 0453 fs by niklin1

SAM 0469 fs by niklin1

A Çay and a chat to sum up the day. Then back our separate ways through a darkening Istanbul.

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Even More Istanbul Stories!

Sat Mar 12, 2016, 12:12 PM
So, here are three short blogs from the last two days. I'm on my way home now, the flight is tomorrow morning.
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3


More Ramblings in Istanbul

Fri Mar 11, 2016, 1:14 AM

:heart:   Niklas

Read all about my day with Canankk in my blog!

Be well!


Three More Istanbul Stories

Tue Mar 8, 2016, 12:21 AM
I've been busy bloggin' an' shootin'!!!

So here's one more story.
And here's another one.
And one more....   :-)

Be well!


Second day in Istanbul

Sun Mar 6, 2016, 11:47 AM
Read all about it here!   :-)


Here's a link to my blog where you can read all about it!   :-)


Going to Istanbul today

Thu Mar 3, 2016, 10:38 PM
And the Live Blog will commence!
Here's a link to my "prequel episode"

Sooo excited to meet BOTH Ziaul Kareem, Alphan AND Canan this week!

Be well everybody!  :hug:

Yard Tuesday: Blue Valentines

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 9:53 PM

blues by arslanalp

Coloured street by mariomencacci

The Quadrilatero by myraincheck

Blue by ZiaulKareem

Saint by Canankk

Lisbon 86 by JACAC

San Francisco Blue by djailledie

Blues by IrynaFedorovska

always hope by arslanalp

A stroke of luck by myraincheck

Lost in Blue Dreams... by AnilTamerYilmazz

Siluet Ankara by pigarot

2215 by Pixelrender

Cruising in the Rain by Ulprus

Instant 3240 by SUDOR

...Nana's Bungalow by PatrickMonnier
L O S T by burningmonk
jun3 by Elerko

Colors by kmetjurec

hangman by lightdrafter

blue by Elerko

The Blue Man by ZiaulKareem

Perugia, Luglio 2015 by settanta9

Blue by niklin1
Ice Cream Blues by MARX77
Nepalese Woman by drifterManifesto

from fotofest 2 by arslanalp

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Summary of My 2015

Fri Jan 1, 2016, 9:16 AM
Read it here on my blog!

I hope for a wonderful 2016 for everybody here on dA!  :-)


Today is D-Day!

Tue Dec 15, 2015, 8:01 AM
D as in the Roman numeral for 500.
Today I published deviation number 500.
Today I had watcher number 500.
Recently, I posted blog entry number 500 (now at #506).

Be well, everybody!    :-)

Travel Plans for October

Sat Oct 3, 2015, 12:01 AM
The flight was booked in March, the general idea of what we wanted to do came even before that. But concrete plans were made just recently. And even now, these plans are a bit loose. We will make some decisions and reservations during the trip.

It's a music trip, to enjoy and give tribute to some of the great American music traditions. I'm traveling with my friends and fellow athletics coaches Hans and Jan. So we will also see some pro sports games.

Oct 16  We fly to Chicago
Oct 17 Flight to Memphis, Tennessee
circa Oct 22 Drive to Nashville, Tennessee
circa Oct 27 Drive to Louisville, Kentucky
circa Oct 28 Drive to Chicago
Nov 2 We fly back to Sweden

Of course I look forward to do some photography on this trip. Apart from generally documenting our trip, I hope to do some Street Photography as well.

It would be great to meet up with any dA streeties who might be found along this route in space and time. Maybe too much to hope for, but you never now! Please write me note if it could work out!


PS  I just spontaneously booked a weekend to London on January 21st-24th, thanks to some frequent flyer miles. Thinking about March 4th-13th for a return to Istanbul.  DS

Yard Tuesday: The Children, Part II

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 10:42 PM
A journal in black & white by niklin1

touch by arslanalp

friends by emregurten

In order of size by mariomencacci

guzel oyun - beautiful game by adevin

Hidden by sogni-di-margherita

Working and playing by paguzman

poor life without bike by gndrfck

Waiting by PaulaMCollins

Tutu no. 5 by bogdanpetrovan    Windows by niklin1

I dont play with you by bullone65

Boy on tram by ChristophTrabert

Instant 94 by SUDOR

Childhood by IrynaFedorovska

Skateboard by maurocapelli    Postcard from Istanbul 13a by JACAC

Passenger by Vermontster

Mustang Sally by DougNZ

car boot sale by lightdrafter

history about to repeat by lightdrafter

Ph (56) by naddaa

\-oo by DinoKose

Lost in thought by ZiaulKareem

Roses by sogni-di-margherita    Instant 1625 by SUDOR

The Second Shooter by Vermontster

THE FUTURE... by marius1956


Time Out by Vermontster

Catch by sogni-di-margherita

Street Ball by Vermontster

PH_032313_02 by IgorBekker

174 by tolgatacmahal

Catch a cat by cooleater

Siblicide by Vermontster

Copacabana Eyes by niklin1    Streets of Manila 03 by Lau888

Developmental stages by shanperas

Slot by Vermontster

Trackers by El-Amigo-Chico

Childhood by dukeofspade   

Instant 2996 by SUDOR
Roots by Vermontster
Untitled by simonacapriani

Daddy by DougNZ    Instant 3554 by SUDOR

The Sentinels by DougNZ

St Malo by niklin1

Untitled by jonniedee

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

A Journal in Colour by: niklin1

Have Mercy on Me by ZiaulKareem

lost memories by arslanalp

to be by arslanalp

Behind the Bars by SnapShotDataBase
Departures by MARX77
After long day by Asher-Kinng

Les Enfants de l'Anamur by cahilus
A Little Sunshine by jadedPhotographer

Love My Cone by ZiaulKareem

What's in there? by mkozal

A Syrian In Istanbul by Canankk  Instant 1093 by SUDOR

Me And My Shadow by MARX77zoo by myraincheck

child by pigarot

Autumn Fairy by pavboq

94 by sevron

Jesus Wins? by tanya-n

boy orange by hersley
Angry Little Princess by MARX77
Untitled by e-l-a-n-i

Instant 401 by SUDOR

Grapes For Free by Canankk

Market girl by PatrickMonnier

Limelight by Suds344

Growing Opportunities by Vermontster

Ballerina by IrynaFedorovska

the run by paikan07

Splash Down by EarthHart   Peanut Boy by PatrickMonnier

Finally, two of mine. Both from Beijing:

Happy Dance by niklin1

Ancient Playground by niklin1

Canterbury Tales

Sun Sep 13, 2015, 4:08 AM
A two-day visit to Canterbury in July has resulted in a 13-part photographic report. It contains a lot of Street Photography but also pictures from the Cathedral and a tour on the canals.

I posted the last episode today:…
The link goes to the blog's start page, so if you go there after a while, I might have posted new stuff.

Here are a few direct links:
- Street shots one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and finally.....eight!
- Some tourist stuff
- The Cathedral one and two

Be well everybody!

Yard Tuesday: Painting with Light, Part 2

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 4:50 AM
Journal by niklin1

SIKTI ARTIK by pigarot

Untitled by michaelaresphoto

Lonely runner by torobala

Godfather by sogni-di-margherita

morning on the tube by lightdrafter

Shock Wave by DougNZ

Moment 2403 by Kabandha

Blank by myraincheck
Buon Viaggio by Jinnger

The Game by PatrickMonnier

Untitled by lukysta

Untitled by Batsceba

Untitled by rakhtaviz

WALK WITH ME DADDY by CarmelRoseRegencia

Night soccer by bermek

all indian by arslanalp

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

A Journal by: niklin1
Seaside Snackers by MARX77
Untitled by simonacapriani

Bench by IrynaFedorovska
Face by burningmonk
jump by arslanalp

Untitled by jonniedee

Prater 3 by batmantoo
Waiting For Maghrib by MARX77
Mezza Luna by cahilus

... by pavboq

Ten o Clock by sandas04

Smokers by Ulprus

Window by simonacapriani
Satwa Roti Shop by MARX77
dark light by hosagu

Yard Tuesday: I Love Rain

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 17, 2015, 10:04 PM
At least in photographs... :-)

Journal by niklin1

love rain by lightdrafter

As  Happy as the Rain is Heavy... by dannyst

hole by arslanalp

Together in the Rain by erickimphoto

Love Under Rain by ZiaulKareem

:: why does it always rain on me?! by noahsamuelmosko

Heavens opened by pavboq

Heavy rain by StamatisGR

After rain by lilo2d

Opposite vertex... by Blakk-mamba

A Smile in the Rain by dannyst

illumination by arslanalp

2015002 by y5y6

Umbrella Guard by sandas04

Untitled by Vitaloverdose

Cupid's Arrow by DougNZ

Tension by xbastex

Kolkata Rain by derozio

Waiting for rain to pass by.. by TanBekdemir

Beijing (6) by elleiPHANt

Monsoon, New Delhi by elementality

Kyoto Girl by burningmonk
Light rain in Shanghai by eswendel

Watching The World Go By by Killntyme

Lady in White in Rain by dannyst

Red Raining Hood by nomoniker

raindream by arslanalp

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

A Journal by: niklin1

Untitled by michaelaresphoto

Instant 285 by SUDOR

Instant 3598 by SUDOR

One Day On The S-Bahn by batmantoo

With words, hands and legs by endegor

THAT LOOK @ 2126 by xACook

Underground Fun by sandas04

Instant by ZiaulKareem

Commes des fuckdown by burningmonk

Paris in transit #27 by siddhartha19

I close my eyes by ZiaulKareem

Subway love by nicubunu

Instant 3478 by SUDOR

Instant 3018 by SUDOR